As the global elite – the wealthy, wonky mandarins of globalization – gather in Davos, that D.C. fortress of statistics and wrong-headed policy recipes, the IMF, delivered a stark warning on the effects of Trump’s incoming administration.

Global growth estimates have been revised. Upward.

As Merkel and Trump fire shots across each other’s bows, and prepare for what should be a pretty interesting sit down and chat session when they actually meet, there is a haunting, terrifying specter that is spreading across the winter sky. It has liberals truly scared, and desperately seeking a way to protect themselves. The issue at hand is:

What if Trump’s policies actually work, and produce tangible results?

No less a scrapper than historian Niall Ferguson, writing in The Times, has warned – since the election he has been repeating this – that Trump may prove to be a far more pragmatic, and far more successful president, than anyone could have imagined. More than they ever imagined, even inside the GOP itself, and down the halls of Congress. What if Trump gets it right on a number of issues?

  • On growth? Manufacturing will shrink to a rump of highly automated plants. Nothing you can do. Right?
  • On trade? Impossible! Right? Look at how mad China is! Right?
  • Russia? A disaster right? The intelligence community would like to help convince you of that. By any means necessary.
  • And you can’t succeed with most of the media dead set against you, can you? Not to mention Hollywood. Right?
  • Obamacare repeal and replace? A disaster that the GOP will end up owning! Right??

Trump has not spent one hour as president in the Oval Office yet, and he’s already had a profound effect on the rules of the game. There is no indication that he will be any different once actually in the Oval and behind his desk. With his iPhone in a place of privilege, ready to be grasped at a moment’s notice.

Ok, maybe the tweets will be less frequent. Maybe. Nobody. Not even Reince, Ivanka, and Jared, know for sure. There is geniune uncertainty as to Trump’s methods. And geniune optimism – as in putting your money where your mouth is – about the possible outcomes. After all, the Presidency of the United States is a pulpit, even if Obama and other recent administrations, have converted it into a decree/regulations- issuing office.

But Trump understands the bully pulpit in the marrow of his bones. He has already grabbed that pulpit out of Obama’s reluctant hands. He will now have, as of this Friday, the full stage that that pulpit stands on. And a shortened Inaugural Day means he can hardly wait to get to work. In fact, he’s been working overtime for 18 months. Nothing indicates that will change. Liberals, be afraid. Be very afraid.