The storm continues over Russia’s intentions. But no one, including the President-Elect, can seriously argue that Russian operatives were not involved in the DNC and Podesta hacks and subsequent leaks. What effect those leaks had on the voting public last November 8, however, can be debated. But now, there is apparently information about another recent hack. This according to a story in the Washington Free Beacon by Bill Gertz.

Apparently, members of the National Security, Defense, and Foreign Policy areas of the government – along with members of associated think tanks – were subject to a spear phishing campaign, in the days immediately after the election last November. And any material gleaned from this new hack, likely by actors like Advanced Persistent Threat APT 29, and Advanced Persistent Threat APT 28 – known to most of us as Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear – may be used to muddle, subvert, and confuse on issues Putin’s regime deems vital to Russia’s interests.

Think about that. An intelligence analyst, or national security official, or State Department official, gets an email offering something, or posing as an official email from another agency say, and clicks on it. Presto. Key communications between officials privy to sensitive negotiations/information on a number of topics, some classified perhaps, fall into Russian hands because some wonk in an office in the beltway got sucked in … by an email. And clicked the darn link. Great.

The New Cold Cyber War has as one of it’s key battlegrounds: the inbox of government bureaucrats and think tank policy experts.

Please Director Clapper. Tell us it’s more than that. Please tell us that it does not boil down to one busy office worker with lots of emails in her inbox working through them as quickly as possible. And clicking that darn link. Of course, most of those who did the clicking last November are his’ers. Men. We like to rush through things. Like shopping, or email lists. And can get careless, and buy the wrong size. Or click the wrong link.

So, in fact, if there were more her’s in national security, defense, and state, would this sort of phishing campaigns have raised more alerts sooner? Would a little more cautious pragmatism have been in place? Yes, that’s terribly sexist. It’s true. So let’s take this all the way to the top.

She apparently is no longer in the running for DNI. But imagine she still is. And imagine she gets the job. And now … imagine her missives cracking down on what is truly – to quote the outgoing President – stupid stuff. Imagine Carly Fiorina as DNI. Do you feel safer?

With a mentally disturbed vet shooting up Fort Lauderdale’s airport, in the name of voices in his head urging him to kill for the sake of ISIS?

Would you feel safer with Carly as DNI?

I would.