Still stunned by Hillary’s loss of the 2016 election due to evil, archaic constructs like the Electoral College? Still in need of a safe space to spit and rage at all those bigoted fools who don’t agree with your hard-left, progressive vision of America?

Take heart! Thou hast a lifeline to grab hold of and lift ye up in this time of sorrow!

The Resistance is here! Hear ye! Hear ye!

From the downtrodden tenements of Columbia Heights, far from the shadow of the Lincoln Memorial (actually just a few miles away if you want to get picky about it), where resistance fighters gathered in the deepening gloom of late November to craft their rebellious pamphlet – Indivisible – and inspire and instruct fellow SJW’s/Former Congressional Aides/Big money donors, on how to disrupt and provoke any public act anywhere in the USA that might have the slightest tangential relationship to the incoming administration.

To the bowels of the White House itself where noble wonkacrats under Good King Obama in his reign’s final days are enacting as much executive orders as is humanly possible to throw tripwires across Trump’s path.

To the you-can’t-call-that-winter December coastlines of California where upstart rebels like Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, and yes-he’s-still-alive Jerry Brown, link arms with Hollywood and Silicon Valley where oppressed souls rise from their knees to defy the new leader.

The resistance is here. In all it’s super-PAC, hundreds of millions of dollars raised, and wastefully spent, glory. And Ezra Levin is it’s poet laureate. Or Che Guevara? No no. Saul Alinsky. Jonathan Rauch maybe?

There will be no honeymoon for Trump’s administration. The SJW’s, progressives, and wealthy liberals will make sure of that. And they will have much of the media more than willing to help them spin their noble tales of obstruction and harassment.

Poor Donald Trump?

Uh, no. One imagines he will relish the confrontations. The question is: how will he use these coming scream-fests and protests, and legislative roadblocks, that will follow his Presidency’s every footstep? Because it seems unlikely that you can run an administration AND a never-ending campaign all at the same time. No one can do that without taking energy and focus away from the business of running the nation. But Trump is the kind of person who could just be capable of attempting such an endeavour.

That’s a big big risk to take on. And if Matthew Continetti is right, and Trump embodies the return of the street-corner conservative, (a demotic rather than ideological conservative, as he puts it), the President-Elect should be wary of using up too much political capital responding to the endless provocations that the so-called resistance will throw at his feet. Like red meat to a hungry predator. The pragmatic Trump is going to have to keep the Tweeting Trump in balance, and run the country.

Unless, somehow, Trump uses these provocations to build up his political capital with his supporters. And bulldoze his agenda right through the middle of the resistance. He can’t get away with that. Can he?? We’re not all THAT sick of progressives’ rants. Are we??