They’re stuffing your mailboxes
Your inbox’s filled to the brim
The phone won’t stop ringing
Till they get ya to give in
They’re threatening, begging, and pleading with you
All them Liberals lining up
In a Hollywood vi-de-o
But you ain’t no civil servant
The Party Picked you
So do your darn job
Or your Secretary’ll fire you

Ok. I’m not Bob Dylan. But it’s a valid question: who or what are America’s Electors? And while Martin Sheen and Larry Lessig surely have answers that dovetail nicely with their little fake rebellion inducing spasms (what is Lessig doing in Iceland by the way? Mining Bitcoin??), there is an actual, proven, system is place. And that system is based on each individual state. And each state writes the detailed rules and runs the show. It’s not Washington D.C.’s show. It’s not Hollywood’s show. It’s not Harvard’s (or George Mason’s) show.

It starts with the party machinery in each state and their selection of a slate of electors. And the buck, or the electoral vote, stops with the Secretary of State. In each State. Not in Foggy Bottom or anywhere else in D.C. Of course, the tiny rump of faithless electors and their enablers in academia and the media are now trying to shift the power away from local government and local party machinery to the courts. The initial results of their lawsuits have not been encouraging, thankfully.

Imagine if Hillary had won the election. Now, imagine that the Clinton Foundation has ties to Russia, that result in possible favoritism in a huge mining deal, involving uranium. Oh. Right. Imagine that Chris Suprun and a few others decide not to vote for Hillary (of course you would have to assume that Hillary wins the vote in Texas) due to her family’s dark connections to Russian business interests, and who knows what else? Hmmm. Martin Sheen? Larry Lessig? Where would be thy sting?

The Electoral College is not made of neutral, dispassionate arbiters of the swarming, unwashed masses of voters. It is partisan and run by the political parties. And it is structured in such a way as to deliberately give flyover country a say in who is President of America. And it works. And it will work, once again, on December 19.