Your face is lit by the glow of a laptop screen. The lines of code reflect across your glasses as the camera zooms in even closer, and your pupils narrow to two shining points of light. The tense preoccupation in your face morphs into astonished surprise, and then into hard-edged satisfaction, as you type code furiously, triumphantly thwarting your nemesis. Who is located somewhere on the steppes of Russia.

Uh, no. The Russia hack was more like a comedy of errors. All too human. All too avoidable, as what will surely be an oft-quoted NYT story, reveals. Really dumb stuff done by DNC staff, for example. Not to imply that really dumb stuff wasn’t perhaps done by some of the staff at the RNC. We just don’t have those details as of now. And not to mention all the really dumb stuff most of us do on our devices most every day. We just don’t happen to work at the DNC.

The first dumb thing was not believe that an FBI agent who called the DNC warning them that their servers were likely compromised, was who he claimed to be. And not having a protocol in place to determine credible warnings from hoaxes. Especially ones that get you to click a button and re-type a new password, handing the cryptographic key to your email account to the hackers. Who happened to be Russian. Which is what a phishing email got Podesta, and/or his staff, to do. An aide to Podesta has stated that he meant to type illegitimate rather than legitimate when he forwarded the phishing email to his boss. Right. This all started to happen back in 2015, or perhaps earlier, which gave the hackers months to gather emails and then pass them on to Wikileaks presumably.

To help us understand this story, the NYT also has a helpful photograph of the actual filing cabinet that was broken into in the Watergate burglary, next to a few slick little servers on a table. Like a museum presentation on break-ins in political campaigns. Woodward did in fact say, in late 2015, that the Hillary email server scandal reminded him of Watergate. Though one doubts he meant it in this way. But now we have the latest narrative presented to us by the NYT, suggesting that the Putin is in fact, G. Gordon Liddy. And that would make Trump … Nixon. Not Hillary as Nixon, but rather Trump.

Perfect! Rather than being about Hillary Clinton’s private server and the misrepresentations she made to Congress, we now have Trump somehow connected to the Russian hack. The benefactor must be guilty, right? If only of benefiting. The fact that showing intention is almost impossible does not matter. Or even more importantly, showing that the Russian hack was what actually made voters in Michigan, say, angry at Obamacare and Hillary’s lack of empathy, switch their votes, is truly impossible and clearly wrong, does not matter either. Trump is Nixon is the latest counter-assault by Democrats still in angry denial. In fact, according to Carl Bernstein, Trump is worse than Nixon. Never mind Trump has not yet spent one hour as President of America. He’s worse, because Carl says so.

So never mind cool movie scenes of white hat and black hat hackers engaged in brilliant tactics and counter-strategies. Sloppy security, on the most basic level, led to the DNC hacks. And sloppy – some would say illegal, use of private servers by Hillary, started this whole never-ending saga.