Just around the time Mary Tyler Moore – make that Mary Richards of course – was moving to Minneapolis, a young college grad from North Carolina moved to NYC and became a teacher. The year Jimmy Carter was elected, she married a banker, having lived through the city’s financial near-collapse. And when the Mary Tyler Moore Show ended it’s glorious run in 1977, Carolyn Maloney entered local politics in the city she had adopted as her home.

But make no mistake, Carolyn Maloney is no Mary Tyler Moore. She’s a tireless tigress of a legislator who is at the intersection of every major progressive political trend to have surfaced in America over the last generation or so. Including finance. Big finance. And she’s one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest boosters, especially in the House, where she also fights for every last billion of public funds for her constituents.

The American Enterprise Institute has just released a report on Chinese investment in America over the last 8 years. You can download the spreadsheet and scroll down the numerous investments – many in the billion dollar range – and you will notice a name that keeps coming up, usually with a large sum next to the details of what company or sector the Chinese invested in.

You betcha. Carolyn Maloney.

Yes, it’s true. Her district is NYC’s 12th. Which includes the lower East Side and parts of Brooklyn and Queens. And has a per capita income around 75K. A little higher than Kentucky’s 5th congressional district in Lee County. For example. So it’s logical that some big deals get done in Maloney’s district. How big? According to the spreadsheet, 18.54 billion dollars worth. Chinese money, that is. Not total deals. Just Chinese money.

Maybe Carolyn Maloney could work with Kentucky’s Hal Rogers and scare up some Chinese investment in coal. Which the Chinese burn a lot of in their homeland. But that won’t happen of course. Not yet at least. Not with Hillary in a still-undecided race with the man who Kentucky’s 5th district will likely be voting for. Not with Obama still in the White House.

But it’s not completely out of the question for someone like Maloney. You see, she is the personification of intersectionality in action. Not as a haranguing professor browbeating students in a seminar at Oberlin College. But rather as a legislator who has been everywhere: from the 9/11 Commission Caucus to the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act, to Credit Card Legislation, to even helping getting the long-delayed Second-Avenue Subway built. She is ranked as one of the most prolific legislators on the hill.

Carolyn Maloney is the Compliance Dame. Everything is interconnected. There is therefore a legislative solution for every problem, imagined or real, objective or felt.

You want to drill offshore? Go through Maloney’s Minerals Management Service Improvement Act.

You want to fight to maintain subsidies for sugar growers in America? Get Maloney to host a fundraiser.

You want universal child care like in Sweden? Start with Maloney’s Childcare Affordability Act. Or her Family Medical Leave and Inclusion Act.

Do you need a vetting system to control foreign investments in America after the Dubai Ports World scandal? Go through Maloney.

You want to turn your renminbi into dollars and drop a few billion on real estate or finance in America? Go through Carolyn Maloney.

You want to be president? America’s first female president? Make sure Carolyn’s on board. And of course, Maloney’s already there, ready to help clear a path for Hillary. And she is. If Hillary wins the White House, what even brighter future awaits Carolyn Maloney? A Cabinet position? Or is she more valuable working the halls of Congress? Perhaps when President Hillary decides she actually is kinda in favor of TPP.

Remember, if Hillary wins – or if Hillary should even lose – go through Maloney.