Labor is just one big happy family. Just ask James P. Hoffa, Jimmy’s son. And since the late 90’s, President of the Teamster’s. As he was slowly working his way up the ranks as a union lawyer from the late 60’s through the 70’s and 80’s, the Teamsters and other major unions were under mob control. Even if his progress went a little slower than hoped in the early years, given that his father was under investigation, or fighting charges, or in jail, or finally getting a pardon from Nixon in 1971

It’s an old story. Much older even than James P.’s father Jimmy Hoffa. Since at least the start of the 20th century, and likely decades earlier, organized crime and union politics have worked hand in glove. Or foot in concrete sometimes. And while you’ll be glad to know that mob rule in union business is less nowadays – thanks in part to crusading work by a then U.S. Attorney for Manhattan, Rudy Giuliani, in the mid-80’s – it ain’t quite over yet.

It certainly wasn’t over when Donald Trump was paying – like every major builder in New York City – a mob tax on concrete, for example. Even in 2014, a WSJ article quoted sources that stated the Luchese and Genovese crime families still had influence, or had been able to once again infiltrate several unions.

So maybe Trump feels a little betrayed by the Teamsters endorsing Hillary Clinton. Or maybe James P. – having seen more than his fair share of dirty politics, and worse, over his lifetime – placed what he feels is a safe bet on the outcome in November. After watching from the sidelines for more than a few months.

Why is it that unions and mob corruption seem to end up in bed, over and over again? The rough and tumble world of late 19th century labor organizing in the face of sometimes deadly strikebreakers was indeed a survival of the fittest. Or the thugiest. Violent and hierarchical. Just like Organized Crime. Yes, the world has changed, but the links still linger.

How will Hillary spin this latest endorsement? Seeing that the Teamsters shared the stage with Bernie Sanders recently, and seeing that union thuggery (whether physical or symbolic) and Democrat politicians have a long, if certainly not exclusive, relationship, this endorsement will likely be spun as just working women and men getting behind Hillary.

It’s funny, but this race at times seems to resemble a race somehow between Goldwater and Nixon. With The Teamsters on her side, just like Nixon in 1972, maybe Hillary really is in cruise control, if a little panicked as of late. She must hope that the Nixon-in-72 analogy ends on November 9, 2016, however. With no 1973-1974 style misfortunes waiting for Hillary. But that, BleachBits and all, remains to be seen.