If she could just get Jeb Bush to campaign with her, Hillary would have Florida all sewn up, wouldn’t she? They could share the stage and talk about immigration and Common Core and Lincoln and diversity, and what the GOP should stand for. And give a nice thumbs up to Bush 43. Hillary’s game for anything, except perhaps doing much to placate Bernie Sanders stragglers and doubters.

If Trump engineered a takeover of a divided GOP, it seems Hillary is trying to behave like a Vulture investor, flapping in with claws bared and bloodied beak wide open, to feast on the morsels of those who cannot and will not and shall not follow Trump.

The problem is, who wants to be the afternoon snack of a foul smelling carrion-eater? Who wants to be thought of as carrion in the first place?? You think you’re marching heroically through the symbolic smoke of Saratoga, or Gettysburg, with shredded uniform but with rifle still in hand, and suddenly you’re told you’re just a corpse waiting to be picked apart, bite by bite?

In other words, will Hillary’s aggressive bid to shame independents and doubters into voting for her, or at least hiding at home on November 8, actually work? Her ad campaign is beyond over-the-top with her KKK footage. And all this from a deeply untrustworthy candidate in most voters’ eyes, during an election that has been about voter rebellion against the status quo. In both parties.

That depends on how hard she continues to push it. And it also depends on how Trump reacts. His response in New Hampshire seemed smart and reasonable, by accusing her of smearing decent people. A sentiment more than a few Republican voters, even those inclined against Trump, would share. Will Trump, however, be tempted to fire back in ways that backfire? Seeing that Steve Bannon is as much of a target of Hillary’s latest attacks as Trump himself is, it is key how Bannon advises Trump to respond to the charges that his followers are crazed, fringe racists. Which a few undoubtedly are, but most would and do angrily reject the charge.

It’s about 2 and 1/2 weeks before the State Department has to start releasing some of the 14,900 emails recently uncovered, according to the latest judicial order. For now, Hillary has filled the stage with the smoke of racist-themed battles, and managed to divert the snipers from targeting the Clinton Foundation’s relationship with her, during her time at State.

But the story will re-emerge with details like the BleachBit app that apparently was used to wipe her server clean. That’s an industrial cleaner, if you will, used to get rid of information you don’t want anyone looking into. Some of that info appears to have been reconstructed. So for now, the battle is about the alt-right and Trump. But we’ll see what the headlines are in the 10-odd days leading up to the first debate in September.