Suction cups. Cupping. Maybe he was inspired by Michael Phelps. Not merely the cabinet full of gold medals and olympic and world records. But those odd, circular bruises on the olympian’s skin. In case you watched Phelps add a couple more gold to his collection over the last few days down in Rio de Janeiro. And read about the ancient Chinese cure of cupping, which apparently leaves those little bruises on your skin.

Who the he from Virginia exactly is will be – or already is – all over the media very soon. That’s what happens when you make a scary little viral video where you talk with a gothic southern accent and look like a vampire wearing a hoodie. And promise to get Trump’s attention. Which the hooded he certainly did by using suction cups to scale the Trump Tower.

It is a reasonable guess that this is not going to help Trump’s campaign, when more details of who this mountaineering nut case is become available. And what his beliefs are. In his viral video he asks everyone to vote for Trump and notes that he is an independent researcher. While cliff climbing and rockface scaling is arguably more healthy than driving a taxi in Manhattan in the mid 70’s; this he from Virginia does remind one a little of Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver.

Perhaps it will just be a silly summer story. One hopes so. Especially given a new controversy over Trump’s comments regarding the 2nd amendment. Again, as in past controversies, Trump’s rhetorical style gives room for a variety of interpretations, including his campaign team’s official one: those who understandably believe in Americans’ right to lawfully bear arms, are a very united voting block. And will – by implication – head to the polls in much greater numbers than pundits realize to do their best to prevent a Clinton presidency. There are other possible interpretations to his remarks, however. As usual, with The Donald.

On the same day as the cup scaling madman attached himself to the Trump Tower, Trump himself was delivering a speech in Abingdon Virginia. It was a toned down affair for the man, but he certainly did not shy away from the 2nd amendment:

We have to protect our Second Ammendement, which is under siege. Remember that: it’s under siege.

The mostly rural Virginia audience apparently loved it. If Trump wanted to make sure his stance on gun rights was headline news, he’s sure managed to do that. And without using suction cups while hanging onto the side of his building.