A short circuit is defined as an abnormal connection between two nodes of an electric circuit. Which are intended to function at different voltages. So you get an arc and the thing shuts down usually. A lie is something you state which you know to be false, for the purpose of deceiving. One is intentional. The other (generally speaking) accidental.

So they’re different, especially with regard to intent.

Did Hillary carefully work out her excuse before her appearance at the? Her stating that the direct contradictions between what she said in an interview with Fox’s Chris Wallace, and what she said to the public regarding the FBI’s investigation of her use of a private server while at State, was a … short circuit? That she and Chris Wallace operate at different voltage levels maybe? Hillary having an angry and defensive reading on the volt-a-meter? Chris having an impudently polite and prying reading on the volt-a-meter?

Does this make all her pauses – the plodding, determined school teacher rhetoric she falls into so often – suddenly understandable? Is Hillary an evil bot? Or a good bot who sometimes falls into a short-circuit?

Ok, so what she means is she and Chris Wallace were talking past each other. He meant Hillary’s comments to the public and to Congress. She meant her interview with the FBI, which apparently was not even recorded.

Does this remind you of the what the meaning of is is defense of Bill Clinton back in 98? Different styles and personas: he the slick but charming southern lawyer; she the honest-to-goodness midwesterner. Same shameless use of deceit without so much as a blush. Actually, Bill probably still can blush or cry on demand. Better than most professional method actors. But shameless none the less.

But the problem for Donald Trump is this. Unless he hammers away at Hillary’s deceits in a focused and disciplined manner, she will evade any real consequences for this latest act of deception on her part. She is a known commodity, but at the same time is a seasoned politician. Shamelessness comes easy to her. Not quite as easily to Trump, who sweats and stumbles a little when he flubs something. For all his disastrous controversies, he’s just a little more real than Hillary. And a little more believable in his bluster and unpredictability.

Does that make the public comfortable with Trump vs. Clinton as their president? No it doesn’t, not at all. He has to make this about Hillary not himself. By being disciplined when under fire. And time is running out.