In the end, Hillary didn’t even try to come to the plate and compete with the all-star heavy-hitters of rhetoric. Instead she stood on the pitcher’s mound and threw a steady, slow curve ball that tried to avoid every vulnerability of hers by admitting them. And then showing she’s listening.

America’s First Mom and Madam Steady Hand also showed her purpose in running for President of the United States of America. To defeat Donald Trump. To avoid the risks she claims he represents. And she’s had everyone from from Mayor Bloomberg to the Khan family’s father chip in, who told Trump to read the Constitution basically, as he told the story of his fallen soldier son. The family being Muslim-American of course.

Hillary should thank God that Donald Trump won the GOP nomination. She now does not have to capture in a simple, effective way why she should be president. She just has to say why he shouldn’t be president. That’s her campaign strategy from here on in.

But that means she’s working under Trump’s agenda. She’s running – in the literal sense – a reactionary campaign, responding to Trump’s provocations and tweets. As she said:

A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man you can’t trust with nuclear weapons.

So that’s how she will work the issue of her high negatives (as high now as Trump’s in some polls) and the lack of trust in her. She will bait Trump and say: see? he can’t be trusted!

As she wound her way through her hard-left policy planks: universal health care; increased access to abortion; free college for middle and lower class kids; higher taxes – we will follow the money is what she said – for corporations, banks, and the wealthy; trade deals especially with China that have to be changed or cancelled; climate change and the implied carbon taxes; gender issues, trans and all; and on and on … you wondered:

What would Hillary have done without Bernie or Donald in the primaries?

After her core constituency, she is appeasing Bernie supporters and appealing to both those who support Trump and those who oppose Trump on the GOP side. Any issue is worthy of her consideration. She’ll take positions on almost any side of the spectrum if she thinks it will get her to the White House again. And this time with her desk in the Oval Office. Right now that side of the issues is firmly on the left, and with a nod to populist concerns. She will nod at any concern. She has a policy paper on any issue. She is the true policy wonk. Not Bill, the great explainer.

Hillary is the status quo, because year after year, she helped build the current progressive status quo. She may have had her legions of allies and supporters paint her as the in-the-trenches change-maker, but those changes have largely been made. How much farther can you go than transgender bathrooms in every school and abortion on demand across America?

With Hillary taking her turn at the top of the status quo, America will find out.