Bernie Sanders stood stubborn and tall in the Philadelphia convention center a few hours before the DNC would gavel open the convention at the Wells Fargo arena a ways away in another part of town. The boos were showering him on stage because of his explicit expression of support for Hillary Clinton, and of the need for his army of supporters to follow him in that support.

Brothers and sisters – Bernie said, arm raised somewhere between a professor making a point in a debate, and the classic 60’s revolutionary raised fist.

Brothers and sisters – Bernie repeated, after another pause.

But the boos continued, his supporters who filled the room unwilling to make the leap with Bernie Sanders and to declare they will work for Hillary’s general election campaign.

When Sanders hit the stage hours later at the convention itself, there were was several, steady minutes of cheers and applause from his supporters, who would not let him begin to speak until they had expressed their boisterous admiration for the aging socialist. As he began his speech – sounding like the nominee of the party after a gloriously successful primary campaign – the tension was palpable. And there was only one real question:

Would they boo again? When Bernie endorsed Hillary on the convention stage?

If they did, they were few and far between. And there were plenty of Bernie supporters in the hall. Who had chanted and loudly boo’ed at various points that evening, right from the opening prayers. But Sanders with his seemingly-outdated, bludgeoning rhetoric, somehow silenced their dissent, point by lumbering point. Even if his proclaiming of the most progressive policy platform ever for a Democratic Party, left lingering doubts as to how Hillary would navigate between the screaming left wing and the pragmatic, corrupt centrists, once the convention wraps up.

Have the Bernie-ristas tired out finally?

That’s the thing. The buzz and energy in the arena seemed to come from them, and not as much from the stalwarts and supporters of Democrat identity politics crowding the place up. And Bernie threw them some meat – sorry: veggie burgers – by calling for them to vote during the roll call vote Tuesday night. Which will deal – almost certainly – with the role of Super Delegates. And how to curtail them in future primaries.

The revolution continues apparently, in policy platforms and the great coming battle against The Donald. As Bernie Sanders listed the reasons for the struggle – a list which celebrated his dragging of the Democrat policy planks over to the far left of the left-of-center where they had been – he tried to infuse his supporters with a continued sense of purpose. The goal still being the establishment of a Socialist Scandinavian style political system, and society, in America.

They wept in the stands as his endorsement of Hillary was shouted out by Bernie. Presumably male photographers rushed to take pictures of the bare armpits of any younger Bernie supporter who also happened to be female, in the act holding up her sign. And in the end, they cheered and clapped more than they boo’ed.

Was this a final day of venting – in the words of Byron York? Or will the anger and divisiveness continue?