Much has been said about Donald Trump’s children, including speculating on how much influence they really do wield on their father. And now with the convention over, we have just a little more insight into who they may be. And how much power they might have in a Trump White House.

While Eric certainly has been present in the media, and Tiffany actually gave a short little speech, the interesting siblings are Donald Jr. and Ivanka. And while no one is more like you genetically than your siblings, politically there’s more than a little distance between the two of them.

Donald Junior was down in the pits – to use a Wall Street phrase – trading cheers (for his dad’s reaching 1,237) and jeers (with the New York delegation that he basically ran angrily urging Ted Cruz to endorse during the senator’s infamous speech). And when it was his turn to take the stage he delivered a speech that was both uplifting and charmingly defiant towards the establishment elites. He even won grudging praise from Erick Erickson, for crying out loud.

In that speech he outlined a policy platform that focused on education and jobs, with some references to crime and trade. But it was a speech about values and accomplishments. And America’s politically-correct paralysis that underlies the tendency for the nation to appease abroad and to encumber with misguided regulation at home. Never mind the thousands and thousands of pages of Dodds-Frank that ensures only those financial behemoth’s on Wall Street that can afford the required platoons of compliance daemons to sort through the labyrinths of rules and regulations, will prosper. To the detriment of smaller, newer, innovative companies in finance. Despite some marvelous exceptions, like Paypal.

A local school in a small town in the midwest now may face pages and pages of administrative “guidelines” on how students must now be afforded gender neutral bathrooms. Rule by executive order has trickled down to your local school board. And Donald Jr’s Soviet Department Store analogy for how public schools exist to serve the teachers’ unions and not the students hit home perfectly. All in all, a very very good speech.

Less so with Ivanka. She’s not a Republican, she told America. She’s not a Democrat. She’s a Millennial. Maybe it’s all her tall blond sisters, and sisters-in-law – herself included; but her proposals sound a little Scandinavian. Free daycare and free maternity leave. While she didn’t state it quite that bluntly, it was clearly implied in her remarks about how mothers are those who are truly discriminated against, in terms of wages. Not necessarily women in general. Clearly this is an important topic, but America already has subsidies and incentives that support working families. The problem of how to accommodate a working mother’s needs on the job site is a very real issue. But one senses that Ivanka would be fine with a top down solution imposed on all companies regardless of size, location, and industry.

So while Donald Jr. talked about unleashing the creative potential of all Americans, Ivanka cooly threatened to burden businesses with yet another layer of regulations. They are both clearly strong-willed and tough. We’ll see who has more of their father’s ear.