Melania Trump’s RNC speech was over 15 minutes long, and contained a few sentences allegedly plagiarized from Michelle Obama’s speech, and those few sentences are the ONLY thing people are talking about in her speech. That’s ridiculous. She was poised. She was elegant. And she was well-spoken. I won’t remember Melania “plagiarized” her speech because I will remember her incredible story of her childhood in Slovenia, her work ethic that made her a successful model, her emigration to the United States, and that SHE DID THE WORK to become a citizen of the United States.

And by did the work…I mean LITERALLY did the work. Legal immigration in this country is actually a real thing that apparently no one really cares about because no one feels bad for the immigrants doing the paperwork, blood work, fingerprints, and literally taking an exam. If you think Melania Trump didn’t have to do any of these things for immigration because she was wealthy and married Donald Trump, you are very misinformed.

Aside from a few sentences that are the only thing the media is feeding the sheep at this moment, Melania Trump shared quite and incredible story of her American Dream, and her pride to be a citizen in the United States beamed from her while sharing her story. A First Lady who is honored to live in the United States and respects her privilege of being an American citizen is a first Lady I’ll always welcome to the White House .