The second amendment belongs to all law-abiding Americans. And the NRA needs to acknowledge it by also commenting on the Minnesota shooting a legal gun owner, that appears to have been the over reaction of a police officer. There will be an investigation, and there are already angry words all over the place. But a clear statement of Philando Castile’s constitutional right to lawfully bear arms is wanting.

The crazed lone wolf who seeks redemption in violence is not white-specific either. It, tragically, belongs to all of America. And America must share that burden, even as the percentage of such dangerous and psychotic people is a mere fraction of a fraction of a tiny percentage.

We will find out more about Micah Xavier Johnson, a 25 year old former or current military reservist, who did a tour of Afghanistan. But apparently as a carpenter. He was also a member of a few clubs that train their members in self-defense, and who are horrified by what he did. But he also may have been a fan of militant black groups who seem to want to resurrect violent revolutionary tactics, with attacks on police specifically. We will also hear – after a pause to remember and honor the Dallas police who died protecting a peaceful rally of protestors exercising their First Amendment rights on a warm summer evening – a rising wave of further demands for gun control. And those that blame Black Lives Matter for inspiring Marcus Johnson. And those in Black Lives Matter and elsewhere that separate themselves from Johnson and his crazed violence. And those that don’t.

And that’s what the NRA is worried about: gun-control advocates using these three tragedies to call for more restrictions – some will ask for as severe as possible restrictions – in the wake of these shootings. And they’re right. Those advocates will demand as much state control of guns as possible.

But you have to stand on principle. Or you are an unprincipled partisan. Either all legal and law-abiding Americans have second amendment rights. Or we are talking about something far different. As a gun-owner even if it feels like you are a persecuted minority – and many truly would love to take your rights away – you have to stand on the solid rock of the Constitution. For all Americans. If not, you are a militia without a constitution. The NRA needs to make a statement on Castile’s second amendment rights. ASAP.