Given a week or so to let the dust settle over this “deadliest shooting in US history” a.k.a. and ISIS terrorist attack on the US and our LGBT community, Hillary’s reaction is priceless.

In her speech in reaction to the tragic Orlando shooting Hillary says, “I know a lot of Americans are asking how it was possible that someone already on the FBI’s radar could have still been able to commit an attack like the one in Orlando.” Yes, we’re also asking how someone on the FBI’s radar is running for President of the country.

She added, “If the FBI is watching you for a suspected terrorist link, you shouldn’t be able to just go buy a gun,” and if the FBI is watching YOU…Hillary…you shouldn’t be able to run for president!

Making this shooting all about our alleged loose gun laws instead of an actual terrorist attack on our own turf, Hillary exclaims, “I believe weapons of war have no place on our streets,” and some of us believe TERRORISTS have no place on our f-ing streets. Is this real life?

“I know some will say that assault weapons and background checks are totally separate issues,” Hillary says in her speech. Some will also say that assault weapons and the weapon used in the Orlando attack are also separate. The weapon used to kill 49 innocent Americans was a SIG MCX, which legally purchased is NOT indeed a weapon of war. The legal version is semi-automatic, meaning the terrorist pulled the trigger for every single round fired. An actual “weapon of war” or “assault rifle” is automatic, which is not legal to for civilians to purchase. But Hillary wouldn’t know an AR-15 or Sig MCX from a ham sandwich so she’ll just continue feeding this anti-gun propaganda with false information. Accurate information and honesty have never really been her strong suit anyhow.