Since when did AP – a wire news service one would have thought – become the arbiter of the official delegate count? It seems the AP can confirm that Trump is already the nominee, having reached 1,238 delegates. One more than the magic 1,237 number, that no one mentions much anymore. That is, if you believe a few anonymous unpledged delegates who contacted AP or who AP contacted. And if they change their minds? Does AP retract?

Regardless, the fact that Trump may have reached the number without even having to gain a single delegate in California is impressive. If anyone was really listening anymore. He is the nominee. That’s been assumed for a couple of weeks now. This just confirms it.

Over at the House, however, the numbers are not adding up. As in the spending numbers in the appropriations bill that was sunk by both parties due to a LGBT rider. Democrats also complained of GOP riders involving various pushbacks on some conservation measures in the main part of the energy and water spending bill. Riders that were approved by Democrats who then gladly voted the whole thing down, so they can shout out how prejudiced their GOP colleagues are.

It wasn’t always this way in the House. Moreso in the Senate, yes. But it seems Paul Ryan now has to decide whether to return to a more “structured” way to bring a bill into law. Crush the riders, in other words. As rhetorical devices to fire up a particular subset of any representative’s base, they can be very effective. But the collateral damage can be significant. And the Washington-can’t-get-anything-done perspective is increasingly reinforced by the theatrics of appropriations bills being sunk by radical (or conservative) riders.

So does Ryan close down the access to the legislative process that a looser set of rules on amendments allows? The Freedom Caucus says no way. Spending bills going down to defeat as a consequence of riders is part of the law-making process, in their view. Having the House sweat some before they spend taxpayers’ money is not a bad thing. It’s almost a bonus for them.

Here’s a thought for Speaker Ryan: get Senator Schumer – who stated “The appropriations process is not the place to jam through ideological poison pill riders” a week ago – to phone Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, and give him hell for jamming things up with his LGBT amendment. Schumer would do that, wouldn’t he? Oh, it’s in the House. Not the Senate. And it’s their guy. Sorry.