This is a story about two couples, who until recently might have been on the same side, so to speak, as to the GOP nomination. Matt Schlapp, after working with the Bush White House, was a lobbyist for Koch Industries until a couple of years ago. He’s now chairman of the American Conservative Union. His wife Mercedes Viana Schlapp is bilingual and known to viewers of Hannity and Univision, and has also worked in the Bush White House, where she dealt with the Spanish language media. Together they founded Cove Strategies, yet another beltway consultancy.

Deborash DeMoss Fonseca is spokeswoman for Conservatives Against Trump, one of the harder-line remaining NeverTrump organizations. Her husband is Rene Fonseca, a former colonel in the Honduran Armed Forces. Together they run what seems to be a very successful real estate franchise, selling and renting in – where else? – the beltway.

But they know Honduras well. Deborah was an aide to Senator Helms in the 80’s and was knee deep in the fight to keep Central America from becoming a string of communist countries in America’s backyard. And Rene Fonseca was a colonel in the Honduras Military. They married in the early 90’s and Rene had a run at the Presidency of Honduras back then. Now they sell real estate in the suburbs of DC. Needles to say, Deborah is also bilingual.

So that’s why she hates Trump. It’s as personal for her as it is for Univision Anchor Jorge Ramos. Never mind that Deborah is from America. She was almost Honduras’ First Lady. And with several kids from Rene Fonseca’s earlier marriage, her family is (almost) as Latino as they come. And as someone who led the very unpopular fight against left wing rebels, and as someone who supported the contras when it was so, like, uncool to do so, one senses she won’t be backing down from her fight with Trump.

The Schlapp’s, on the other hand, have gone over to the other side. Unlike his former bosses at Koch Industries. Matt Schlapp has decided that party unity is what’s needed to keep Hillary out of the White House. Maybe the recent shifts in polls also played a part in their decision. That’s for them to say. So the Fonsecas will fight the good fight till November and perhaps further. While the Schlapps have boarded the train.

And that’s a fundamental difference between these two couples. The Fonsecas seem to be bound up in past struggles that marked their lives. While the Schlapps are booking a ticket to the future, whether that offends some people’s conservative principles or not.