Apparently, Bernie Sanders would have a lot of new found clout in the Senate. If he’d just sit down, go away, and shut up. You can just imagine all those juicy committee assignments that would come his way, even if he is a muck-racking socialist. If he would just quit the primary already!

So Harry Reid told him, sotto voce, that he shoud stop being so ungrateful and start doing what’s he been told to do. By Democrats who support Hillary Clinton. And all Harry Reid got for his advice was an angry rant in California by Sanders.

And not only have his Democrat senate colleagues turned against him. So has the media – the progressive, left-wing media. As a result of the Nevada riot, anyone tired of Sanders annoying habit of winning primaries now has a perfect excuse to dump on the 74 year old who won’t give up. So Bernie’s name is dirt in places like Mother Jones and The Daily Kos.

Could Sanders have apologized more profusely for the chair throwing and booing in Las Vegas? Of course he could have. But the stubborn senator insisted that the Nevada Convention bent the rules to favor Hillary. And that his supporters had every right to be furious; if not to throw chairs. This was not nearly good enough for both the establishment or the media figures who had previously supported Sanders.

So what does Bernie do? The way his fellow Democrat Senators are framing the issue, it seems Sanders has two clear choices. Quit the primary and be co-opted by centrist Democrats. Or fight all the way to Philadelphia and then …

And then what? Take over the convention? Boo loudly along with his supporters when Hillary rises to make a unifying we’ll take-on-Trump-now-and-win kinda speech?

Could it be that Sanders either remains within the Democratic Party structure and abides by it’s rules and conventions – in every sense of that word; or becomes an independent again and proposes himself as a third party candidate? In other words, how does Sanders keep the Bern alive? How does he ensure that the movement he’s built almost single handedly remains a vital political force?

One suspects that every Democratic senator would love to kick Sander’s butt all the way back to Burlington. But they need Bernie’s youthful followers to try and ensure a Hillary win. So he gets carrots waved at him. And threats implied in cutesy language, for example, over how he’s being “silly.” Bernie Sander’s astonishing energy and determination have led him to an agonizing crossroads. Will he make a deal, or turn around and go home?