How in God’s name do you pronounce Mnuchin? As in Steve Mnuchin, Goldman Sachs veteran, and founder of his own hedge fund: Dune Capital Management. New York; high finance; wealthy donor to Democrats in past years. This is the man to help Donald take on the costs of the general election. Not the man to take on special interests.

Steve, meet Elizabeth Warren. You know, the very progressive Democrat Senator who Democrat female voters and Wall Street protestors would have loved to run against Hillary. Some – many in fact – are now fine with Bernie Sanders. Some still pine for a Warren candidacy. But the thing is, Elizabeth Warren is also apparently a fundraising force to be reckoned with for her Democrat colleagues in Congress.

So you have Politico magazine breathlessly anticipating a Senate smackdown for Dems in November, as Warren emerges, not as majority leader in the next Congress, but certainly as a key power broker in the upper chamber. And of course, Trump is to blame.

All Warren has to do is send out a fundraising email to – supposedly – net healthy five-figure amounts for her colleagues. So Liz has a list that makes mouths water – and unlike Bernie’s even bigger email list – she generously uses it to help her team, if you will.

And Liz has a PAC – PAC For a Level Playing Field – which helps with her costs, and in their version of an ideal world would add several encyclopedia sets worth of financial regulations. To keep the field level. Like a cluster bomb does. Or like a flat line on your bedside monitor.

Does Mnuchin personally know Warren? He must know of her, and must know that if his goals as finance chief for Trump’s campaign are not just about the White House, but also preserving GOP gains in Congress, then he will need to ensure that Republican congressional candidates get support as well. As in money. Assuming they want that support.

Right now, that seems impossible in many cases, as many of the congressional candidates want a distance from Trump as they decide how to survive the November election. But they need each other. At some point Mnuchin will have to take on the Warren congressional money spigot. If Congress matters to his boss. Hopefully, it does. Steve, meet (with) Paul Ryan.