With sweetness Donald. With sweetness. According to some GOP women like Representative Kristi Noem of South Dakota, Trump needs to pick a female vice president, as a tactical move to shore up his unimpressive – to say the least – numbers among women voters in America.

And that leads to a name like Condoleezza Rice, who has been back in the academic world from whence she emerged decades ago, as a very bright scholar of communist Eastern Europe. But that means Trump would have one of so-called transformational diplomacy’s main cheerleaders as his running mate. Also known as getting into bed with a nation-builder.

The classical pianist of some skill was one of those who thought that by spreading democracy and it’s countless benefits to the Middle East, you could fundamentally change the region. The evidence up till now clearly suggests that Rice and her fellow neo-cons were wrong on this.

If Trump was a musician he would definitely be a trombone player: all noisy and brassy. Rather different than the crisp keyboard noodling required by Chopin’s piano concertos, for example. So pairing Trump and Rice would be a little like putting a pianist in the middle of a Crimson Tide marching band half-time show. You just might not catch all those subtle notes wafting from the keyboard.

Rice seemed to be a fairly steely presence who spoke softly but was never viewed as anything less than tough. A very different persona from Trump. Would she even consider teaming up with The Donald? That seems most unlikely, especially for someone who was in the thick of the collapse of the Soviet Empire and the Iraq War as a junior government official, and then as National Security Advisor and then Secretary of State during the Iraq War years. She has been in the hot seat, and even if she could see common ground with Trump – which is unlikely – would she really want to leave the comfortable corridors of academic life?

And would that loud, brash trombone player ever be willing to take his tempo from the pianist quietly glaring at him from stage right?