I guess I should have known, by the way you parked your car – sideways – that it wouldn’t last. Why not compare Indiana to Minnesota? Why not call Indiana a parking lot? No one has a real understanding of how this now-suddenly-more-crucial-than-ever primary will actually play out on May 3.

So if Indiana is a parking lot – will the Trump limousine finally get it’s tires slashed and it’s brake fluid drained? Indiana seems to be whatever you want it to be. It’s Wisconsin – it’s neighbor two states over and one state up. It’s Ohio, and Kasich will do great! It’s Kentucky in it’s true deep heart and Trump will prevail. It’s Michigan really. Good for Trump as well.

Maybe above all, Indiana is smart. No automated polling please; you have to have real people talking to real people. Three folks with a server and an algorithm in suburban D.C. don’t like that. So we have no polling. We have rural and urban but in a mix that seems hard to compare to other states. Or easy to compare to any state you like.

What do local Indiana Republicans want? They seem divided between tactical voting for Cruz – and sometimes Kasich – and letting the thing play out. And conservative talk radio in the state is not a well-aligned, laser-focused, death-to-Trump machine. The way it was in Wisconsin. As well, evangelicals may not be as prevalent in their influence as they were in Iowa.

In other words, the comparisons seem to collapse into negatives: what Indiana isn’t. Rather than what it is. For example, Governor Mike Pence has not endorsed anyone. Yet. So maybe Indiana Republicans want to be persuaded. They see the civil war going on in their party. But they aren’t convinced by either side. And predicting how they will vote on May 3 in the state’s GOP primary is next to impossible.

So go ahead and park your limousine – or your jet – sideways in Indiana if you want Mr. Trump. The state will take its time to see if you last, or not. You have a chance to persuade. And you – and Cruz and Kasich – seem to be grabbing that chance with both hands. I’d say Indiana loves it.