Counting With Paul Manafort!


Filed Under Latest News on Apr 14 

As Paul Manafort gets ready to file challenges to delegate credentials, between the insults he’s already hurled in order to somehow rescue Trump’s abysmal ground game for gathering in loyal delegates, we have a little heartening news for Manafort’s boss. RNC Rules Committee member Randy Evans has suggested that 1,237 is not, in fact, the magic number.

Nope. The target was always a moving one apparently. It is now 1,100 delegates that Trump will need in order to win in what presumably would be the first round at the GOP convention in Cleveland. And 1,000 is the number below which Trump dare not fall, as that would mean a convention of multiple rounds in Cleveland. Where anything could happen.

That must be a relief for Manafort, right? Assuming that the RNC’s Evans is in fact right and not just throwing out an opinion. But with the GOP convention rules up for grabs a week or two before Cleveland, Evans knows that these rules are continually being changed in order to favor or deny certain individuals or factions. Will his prediction still hold water after the final pre-convention rules meeting?

It would mean Trump needs 137 delegates less than most thought to be the case. That’s Indiana, Nebraska, and Washington State put together. If indeed Randy Evans is speaking for the RNC and it’s hallowed Rules Committee. Rather than just speaking for himself.

What does not change however, is the fact that after the first round, Trump would likely be in trouble. That means he should still view 1,237 as the target and settle for 1,100 if he has to. Because unless Manafort can turn things around in a hurry, it is more than likely that Trump will not reach the not-so-magic-anymore number of 1,237. And that in turn means that Manafort had better be reaching out to delegates at the local precinct and county level rather than just being dictatorially aggressive in his tactical outbursts. So that he ensures that 1,100 is credible. In the eyes of the only people – like it or not – who count (in every sense of the word): the delegates themselves.