What a relief. Trump is not Mussolini. He’s Berlusconi. A billionaire who speaks to people’s “stomachs” not minds, in the words of an Italian political academic, quoted by Politico. The article then goes on to list how Berlusconi’s government broke most of their promises and became mired in corruption.

So watch out America. Trump is taking you for a ride … on a cruise ship. Where he will sing you lovely little lies. And this is where this analogy gets a little silly. Berlusconi’s Italy was, is, and most likely shall be, a member of the EU. A large micro-managing bureaucracy located north of Rome. Way north. Compared to France and Greece, for example, the Italian economy has not done all that badly. And comparing Trump’s possible effect on America to Berlusconi’s on Italy is to denigrate the Constitution. You don’t have to guess which one.

And if – in the words of a Rome daily – Trump will be “a parasite that destroys the political establishment” that might not be seen as such an overwhelmingly bad thing by many of today’s voters. So European academics are warning of the dangers of Trump. In a continent that can’t even defend itself without America’s military and aid. It’s an amusing analogy and one that might have a few relevant points.

But America’s balance of powers will negate much of the dangers that EU wonks are sounding the warning over. Especially their warnings on Berlusconi’s corruption scandals. Corruption scandals because The Donald is in the White House? Please, bring Hillary and the general election on.

But maybe Politico and their Italian academics are right. Maybe there is a Vast Roman Conspiracy to place Augustus Trumpus on the throne of the decaying Republic in the eternal city of Georgetown. Rudy Giuliani has just announced that he’s voting for Trump. Coincidence? I think not. And look at Trump’s links to the Genovese and Gambino families through S&A Concrete. Never mind that if you wanted to put up a building in NYC in those days, and it had concrete in it’s foundations, you had to deal with them. It’s all part of the Vast Roman Conspiracy. Just ask any left-wing Roman academic. They know.