Even if you’re a star QB, you need a ground game. And you especially need it when it counts, in the big games. Just ask Cam Newton. You need it when you’re playing in New Orleans, for example.

So. Trump is quickly realizing he too needs a ground game. And he needs it yesterday. And if not yesterday, then now will have to do. You mean you have to romance and convince the actual delegates? You can’t just win the most votes and then relax? It may be that the RNC looks like The Alamo to Trump’s team: a besieged remnant of establishment party members and lobbyists, bravely or even crazily fighting on as their supplies (as in fundraising) dwindle.

It is not. At least not yet. The RNC is still a fortress filled with Trojan horses – like the convention rules for example – that must be taken down one delegate at a time. Remember, Ted Cruz was nearly as much of an outsider as you Mr. Trump. But he’s a wonky rebel who knows and loves the rules of the game. Even if it’s to bend them to the breaking point. You will have to scale those walls as well. And only teamwork will get you over the parapet.

Yes, maybe the rumors of affairs turn out to be true. And you get handed an easy convention win. Likely not. So you better have a plan A. Yes A. Because a Ted’s-a-cheatin’-lyin’-philanderer strategy is best left as a plan B, at best. You need a ground game. As good or better than Ted’s. You need to talk to the delegates themselves. Apparently like the good doctor is now doing in places like North Dakota. Will Carson have coffee with Curly Haugland? That would be an interesting conversation to listen in on.

And of course, Paul Manafort – whose greatest tactical campaigns were back in the 70’s and early 80’s – has been brought aboard to fight the delegate fight. Why did this take so long? Why didn’t someone tell you – The Donald – that it’s not over when primary voters vote. It’s just starting. So perhaps Corey Lewandowski should be rubbing elbows rather than grabbing arms. It’s part of the game you willingly entered Mr. Trump. By all means bend the rules. But play the game.