Some Arizona voters waited in line upwards of 5 hours to perform their civic duty on Tuesday, and it turned out to be a disaster. When the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act in 2013, Arizona was able to alter election polls without permission, which led to them cutting poll locations by 70%. Maricopa County, the largest in Arizona, had just 1 poll location for every 21,000 people.

This shouldn’t have come as a surprise as each Tuesday, elections are reporting a record amount of votes. The the problem wasn’t limited to just the lack of locations.

Registered voters, either Democrat or Republican, were turning up to polls with their voter registration cards, and the system was reporting them as Independent which prevents them from voting. Some registered Democrats were even showing registration as Republican in the system.

There were so many problems with the polls in Arizona Tuesday that the results were being confirmed while citizens were still in line waiting to cast their vote. This obviously upset Sanders supporters the most, as Hillary and Trump were declared winners of their respective parties before people had even casted their votes.

If Arizona isn’t able to resolve the problems before the Primary Election in August it will appear fraudulent (even more so), and certainly before the general election.