Marco and Those E-Guys


Filed Under Latest News on Mar 17 

Republicans are hierarchical, respectful of authority, and fall in line. This according to Ed Rogers – of Bush 41’s team – in an already-notorious dinner-interview with several honest-to-goodness GOP establishment types on Showtime’s The Circus. So, they fall in line behind Jeb, then behind Marco, and now behind … Ted? Or does Kasich receive the empty establishment lane.


Try albatross: the great establishment albatross. Seen in the Hamptons, on Sea Island, and hovering over the Potomac. A big and stately bird that has been worried about it’s nest as of late. Having worn down Jeb Bush to the point where he angrily stated he had better things to do, and then having turned to Rubio, who was unable to turn his accomplished rhetoric into serious votes and has now bowed out; where will the albatross go?

In his concession speech, Rubio soared and healed and united an angry, wounded America. It really was inspiring. It’s just he can’t even win his home state. And the tidy little list of GOP virtues outlined by Ed Rogers implies the most important one of all for the men seated around that well-laid D.C. dinner table: we wait our turn. A rule Marco has defiantly ignored. And it might have worked. In some other year. But in some other year, Marco might have been attacked and elbowed out of the campaign by the establishment.

So as Marco Rubio laid out how he understands the frustrations of Trump supporters – something he might have done more forcefully earlier on – he also stated that the establishment had to change. It was not quite throw the bums out. But I’m sure there was more than a little anger on Rubio’s part fueling his words on Tuesday night. He has borne more than his share of slings and arrows; many funded by … them. The e-guys.

Ok. Now what? There’s increasing talk of a Crubio ticket. But given that Kasich appears to have Ohio in his less-than-bulging bag, imagine this. A Kasich Rubio ticket. How?? Kasich tries to grab delegates in more North Easterly primaries. And Cruz goes for Western states. And they stall Trump enough to go to a contested convention; where those e-guys do an end run around the majority of GOP voters in Cleveland and in the latter rounds Kasich – as Dixville Notch predicted – steals the nomination.

Hell hath no fury. So Kasich enlists Rubio as his VP to assuage the flames of rebellion. And they get trounced at the polls in November.

That’s why those e-guys should consider just easing over to the side a touch, and letting Cruz try and take the nomination. Unless Trump continues to make all that irrelevant by appealing – whatever one thinks of how he does it – to enough angry voters. Every time it seems that an outcome is finally becoming clear in the GOP race, the deep divisions in the party means someone keeps pushing back from the other side. So a contested convention is becoming a little more likely every day. Whether that helps any of the remaining candidates, or not.