And then there’s that Clinton Foundation. Aside from Hillary’s fierce fight with Sanders – especially for younger voters who do not seem to be impressed with her – there’s the ethics and perhaps the legality of her relationship with the foundation while she was heading State.

Some have suggested this is a far more troubling scandal than the one involving her private email server. The latter is a case of compromising classified information – some of it related to human assets whose lives could be in danger if revealed through a potential hacking of her server. But the former involves the influence of foreign donors to the foundation on American foreign policy.

So now we have news of a subpoena issued last fall by the State Department Inspector General. There is an ongoing inquiry that seems to revolve around Huma Abedin; the long-serving Clinton aide who at one point was simultaneously employed at State, the Clinton Foundation, Hillary’s personal office, and a Clinton-linked consultancy. Whether she also handled Hillary’s Dry Cleaning as part of her duties is unclear. But Abedin has almost certainly dealt with Hillary’s dirty laundry.

Where the inquiry will lead, we don’t know. Who else may be involved, we don’t know. Whether any charges will be laid, we don’t know. But it is one more nagging reminder of Hillary’s questionable ethics, a theme that goes back to the late 80’s.

It’s not just a case of Hillary being caught up in the hypocrisies of big money and progressive ethics. She is the embodiment of that very hypocrisy. She is Big Money and Liberal Ethics, comfortably co-existing without the troubles of any deep personal convictions encumbering her. But angry as hell with anyone who gets in the way of her plans. She did not looked troubled after New Hampshire’s vote. She’s not showing panic over the youth vote – she’s got the super-delegates in her pocket. For now at least. Fueled by the countless bitter resentments that a life in politics invariably breeds in almost everyone who seeks and holds office, and reassured by the Democratic establishment that this is her time, what’s one more little inquiry by the IG at the department she used to head?