I am not a fan of Trump or Cruz, the two top winners. But it is good that Trump did not come in first; Cruz didn’t win big and Rubio came close. Maybe Cruz and Trump will smash each other leaving Rubio. Rubio is not my first choice. I think he has the capacity to be a great president, but he is too young and inexperienced. We don’t want another Obama. But when I compare him to Trump, Cruz or (heaven forfend) Hillary, Rubio looks good.

Although I’m not favorable to either Cruz or Trump, the top two results, I’m pleased and somewhat surprised that Trump did not win the Caucus. Overall it wasn’t a landslide for Cruz and Marco Rubio wasn’t far behind both Trump and Cruz. Nor is Rubio at the top of the GOP list for me because he’s young and lacks experience, which isn’t dissimilar to Obama in 2008, and we know we certainly don’t want another Obama.

However, next to Cruz, Trump, Sanders or Clinton, Rubio looks better. ESPECIALLY standing next to Clinton he would shine. Similar to Obama standing next to McCain. Rubio is optimistic and youthful which is more representative of the now and future America. If it won’t be one of the stronger Governors, Rubio will be good. He doesn’t appear to have the arrogance that Obama has, but at the end of the day we can’t afford for any of these candidates to be the GOP’s version of Obama.

Hillary’s campaign is lagging and it’s not very surprising, but she’s running against a 74 year old who basically won the Iowa Caucus. Maybe not literally, but from where Sanders came and where he is now in a head to head race with Clinton, in 9 months’ time, he’s likely to overtake Hillary.