Unlike Mafia informant Ralph Guarino, Hillary’s notorious – it should have an autobiography ghost written for it – email server went to New Jersey to be wiped clean. Ralph went back to New Jersey, on the other hand, to get the dirt on his former partners in crime. But like Ralph undoubtedly was, Hillary’s server is being picked apart by the FBI with the help of Denver-based Platte River Networks.

All in an effort to try and resuscitate any information that may give the agency clues as to whether there were security breaches that may have compromised important top-secret programs. That the server was hacked is apparently a certainty. The question is were they apolitical attacks, or did the attackers know whose server they were targeting?

If the FBI does bring charges, the next question is how the Justice Department handles any request by the FBI. Let’s assume that the Justice Department at the very least delays and tries to slow things down. And perhaps decides there is not enough evidence to proceed with a trial. What then?

As Michael Barone recently suggested, the intelligence community – who are very upset by the whole affair – may go public. But how public can they go? Without perhaps comprising key programs or even endangering witnesses? This is all speculation of course, until and if more information is released on the contents of these top-secret emails.

Why Hillary Clinton felt the need to use a private email server for one of the more politically sensitive cabinet positions is actually more than a single question.

In the first place, she wanted privacy from any government employees she did not personally know and therefore trust. Or control by implication. Tactically, that’s understandable when you’re in charge of a bureaucracy spread across the globe.

Psychologically, however, we have the need to have separate rules for herself. Beyond the separate rules that anyone appointed to a cabinet-level position enjoys and wields over others. And yes, there is a pattern of disappearing evidence that goes back to the uncomfortable days of Whitewater. It’s a lawyer thing. A certain kind of lawyer thing.

Legally, the FBI has the next move it seems. Politically, the Justice Department will have to decide how vigorously to try a case involving a recent key member of the Obama administration. And, just by coincidence, one of the Democratic Party’s principal nominees for president. The party’s main and only nominee of course. Sanders is the voter’s nominee. At least an ever-increasing percentage of them.

That secluded server is sucking in more and more players into it’s toxic little whirlpool. And even if it is quite likely that Hillary escapes any legal consequences, the political costs of that tower, rack, or blade server may live up to the rather medieval modifiers that describe what type of server the former of Secretary of State may have used for all those classified emails.