After making the final decision to skip the GOP debate this week, and disregard Megyn Kelly, Trump opted to hold a fundraiser for our veterans instead. Trump began the donations with a cool $1M out of his own pocket. The cause is nothing short of admirable, but there’s a short list of reasons to skip the debate this week.

For some, it’s a big problem that Trump is “Scared” of FOX journalist, Megyn Kelly, and it seemed fearful to walk away from the debate. Consequently, some Republicans fear that if he can’t confront or handle Megyn Kelly, how could he handle ISIS, China, and forgein affairs as POTUS?

On the other hand, it’s not a secret that Trump isn’t a fan of the media. By skipping the debate, he takes control of his own headlines by doing something that benefits the brave individuals who are the backbone of this homeland.

In the 2012 election, it was super discouraging to hear so much about social issues, over economic issues and the treatment of our veterans. I’ll never be convinced that the legalization of gay marriage is more important that taking care of the people who sacrificed their lives to protect this country. So in hopes that the real reason for skipping the debate this week was really for the veterans, Trump can do no wrong. There’s nothing bad to say about someone who wants to lead this country who is putting the very people who defend it first.