If you want to sell a book, especially an ambitious sweeping analysis of a past president like Nixon, you better give good soundbite. And Douglas Schoen has done himself and his book proud: Trump understands the current silent majority and will end up – by implication – winning by a landslide. Like Nixon.

This does get our attention, does it not? The sweaty loser of 1960 – barely losing in reality – lives on in the media, as does Watergate. But according to Schoen, Nixon re-arranged the political map of America. Literally. Red and Blue states are his invention and the divisions so lamented by so many in 2016, are the result of his divide-then-unite strategies, that even Clinton paid attention to in the early 90’s.

Don’t blame Ted Kennedy for the economic mess of the late 70’s. Blame Nixon’s administration that expanded the federal government’s regulatory powers – especially in environmental matters – and proposed a national health care solution that would have gone beyond Obamacare. Had the Democrats – including Ted Kennedy – not opposed it.

Is Nixon’s revealed liberalism such a shock? Is it a contradiction that his surveillance-state co-existed with an expanded invasive regulatory state?

And while Schoen seems to say that Trump understands the current silent majority and its angers and frustrations, does that mean that Trump would be a surveillance-happy president? Poking into the private affairs of Americans on an unprecedented scale?

That seems a little less likely for one simple reason: Nixon was a lawyer and long-time politician forged in the worst of the Cold War. Trump is a businessman and an economic pragmatist. Despite the criticisms some of his bombastic policy positions are receiving.

The real question that Douglas Schoen raises is whether Trump really does have a grasp on the zeitgeist prevailing in America today. One where imported German phrases still raise an eyebrow. If Schoen is right, and Trump really does, then Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, and the rest of the GOP field, are fighting a losing battle. To say nothing of Hillary and Bernie.