Has the GOP Establishment finally adopted a Waiting-For-Trump strategy? In other words, don’t try to predict his fall. Don’t point out inconsistencies with regards to his past political leanings. Just wait. As if it was the lazy days of early August back in the summer of 2015.

Could a scandal, or an external event like the Paris and San Bernardino shootings, finally disrupt Trump’s long standing atop the polls? Yes, of course. But will it? Or does he have his bases – in every sense of the word – covered unlike Ben Carson who was decimated by surging concerns over terrorism?

Carson’s collapse in the polls was almost certainly not due to doubts about his character, especially in matters of his beliefs about islamic extremism. It was about his perceived ability to be Commander-In-Chief. With capital c’s. Trump does not have that problem. Much as his critics within the Republican Party truly believe that someone like Rubio, or even Bush and Christie, would be better chief executives. Enough voters trust Trump to be as tough as necessary should the situation require it.

In other words, the supposed political clown has turned out to be one shrewd politician. For now at least. Hence, a certain resignation perhaps is now evident. With a quiet hope that letting Trump be Trump is the only solution available to those who want Rubio as their next president. Having decided that Jeb really won’t be nominated.

What event could upend Trump’s campaign? Why bother trying to imagine it? Or suggest it, with negative push polling like Cruz is apparently doing in Iowa?

Unfortunately, the down side of the Waiting-For-Trump strategy is that if Trump does for some unforeseen reason stumble and Cruz takes his place, what then? One suspects that establishment Republican stalwarts would prefer a Donald Trump to a Senator Ted Cruz as their nominee. If they had to choose. And choose they might have to.