A report in the Washington Post is all it takes for the identity politics circus – sorry that should be circo – to send in the clowns. An apparent plan to start a few very targeted raids to deport illegals has brought out cries of horror from Democratic candidates Sanders and O’Malley. Hillary has joined in as well, if not quite as ferociously, seeing her dependence on identity politics voters – including the Latino vote – is overwhelming.

Never mind that a judge considered the evidence and ordered about a hundred people from Central America to be deported. The law on the books does not matter. Worse, it is “mindless” if you follow the bouncing ball of O’Malley’s rhetoric. The law, the constitution, the considered decision of an immigration judge, are all mindless.

We attack in others what we fear in ourselves. Could O’Malley perhaps have the uncomfortable feeling that his own position is mindless?

Could it be the terror of liberals to be seen as politically incorrect? America owes it to people from anywhere there is a problem, a drought, violence, instability. But it’s not even that. The substantive reasons will change from time to time. An activist group will let you know – loudly and aggressively – what you need to do to not be politically incorrect. And if you don’t do what they demand, you are cursed. At least by them, with the help of the media.

Add this fear to an election cycle and you have Democratic and many GOP candidates trapped in a maze they dare not walk their way out of. Like rodents scampering down corridors in search of goodies, they respond as if Pavlovian psychology was all that mattered.

Fortunately voters are a little more aware that there are other possibilities, beyond the unbearable lightness of being fashionably correct on immigration. So a DHS plan to target a hundred or so people who have already been ordered by the courts to leave the country is not seen as an assault on humanity. But rather a modest instance of following the rule of law.