Michelle is apparently going to give Barack some workout stuff for Christmas. Whether that was a tender little jab at any vanity on the President’s part is a little hard to tell.

What is undeniable is the public’s overwhelming desire for a sense of protection on behalf of their government. The one Barack Obama is Commander-in-Chief of.

But this isn’t just a case of Obama having a flabby ideology when it comes to dealing with terrorism. It is the fact that terrorism under ISIL or ISIS has mutated into an online virus that infects tiny, obscure corners of social media but also parades it’s crazed hatred right through the middle of the online world. It broadcasts it’s bloody blogs anywhere anytime, and lets it’s demons seed seep into far flung ticking time bombs. To people who don’t have to enter a targeted country, because they’re already there.

As has been stated, all recent terrorist attackers in America have apparently entered on legal visas.

That means that Obama’s world of executive action on illegal immigration and climate talks as a literal response to terror attacks is even more exposed as inadequate compared to the security threats of a decade or more ago. Senator Cruz is at least partly right when he says that political correctness is killing people.

But setting aside current cultural fetishes over perceived discrimination is necessary but hardly sufficient in the face of ISIL.

That’s because responses by intelligence and security forces cannot be perfectly transparent. That gives the defenses away and allows the terrorist to change tactics. And in a cat-and-mouse game played out behind the scenes with the endless gigabytes of data as the raw material that has to be interpreted almost in real time, Obama’s mushy liberalism and identity politics is useless to the point of being dangerous.

For example, Rand Paul’s warnings have to be listened to respectfully and – if necessary which at times will be the case – set aside in certain focused cases. The problem is, to access the data, interpret it, and send it downstream to local law enforcement where it becomes actionable, often involves dancing down a judicial high wire.

Yes, that judicial high-wire – it’s also called the constitution – is why America is and why it must be kept safe for it’s citizens own life, liberty, and pursuit of their happiness. You need both. The constitution and the determination to defend the nation that the constitution gave birth to.

But Obama is not doing a high-wire act over the constitution in these dangerous times. He’s saying we need to change our attitude on illegals and drive electric, or take the subway. And he’s doing it despite the constitution with his fondness for executive actions. In other words, the worst of both worlds: a shattered sense of security, and a president impatient with the constitution.

Is it any wonder people are angry and scared?