It’s so bizarre to read countless amounts of negative stories and headlines regarding Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, yet none of these headlines and media stories correlate to the actual polls.

Back in September/October, it was beginning to level out after a few debates, but since then, Trumpster has taken a significant lead once again. It’s interesting because when Mr. Trump announced his Presidential Candidacy this summer, I thought, “We’ll see where he is in December…with less than a year to the election.” And here we are.

If the polls are any indication there are FAR more people [voters] in favor of this guy that what the media is trying to indicate. The problem is the rest of the GOP. If/when Trump wins the primary [from the looks of it now], they will all join the band wagon because of loyalty to the party, but that is exactly what Trump is against. He may make a controversial or less than favorable statement, but he stands by them with conviction. The rest of the “politicians” are wet noodles with no spine and just go along with the bandwagon all the time. I think this is reflective in Trumps poll numbers regardless of the latest headline today.