Did you hear the joke about the German-Scottish billionaire trying to be funny to room full of powerful and concerned business leaders? Who happen to be Jewish and to whom America’s relationship with Israel matters. A great great deal.

Commentators on the left have swooped on a handful of jokes of questionable taste to condemn Trump as a blatant bigot. But as an article in Vox listed out those he has apparently insulted, one sees a wide range. This is just the latest in a long list, in other words.

Others cringed a little at what may be a discomforting undercurrent of stereotyping. Trump, for better or for worse, did not cringe. And he did not back down from his refusal to make up his mind and declare his support for Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel, earning him boos (actually one loud boo from one specific guest who none the less almost certainly expressed the feelings of many of his more polite fellow attendees).

But his same old schtick on how great a guy he is and how great his dealmaking is apparently drew a loud roaring silence. A lack of substance does not fly with this type of audience. And that may be more of a problem politically for Trump than the delight that his detractors have displayed over his comments.

So perhaps this won’t show up immediately in the polls. But over the longer term – weeks and months – this may be a hindrance. In other words, Trump is certainly not going to gain any additional support with comments like these. Even if it was just a couple of jokes. His angry-moderates supporters will forgive him or discount the affair as meaningless media meddling.

But for uncommitted voters who doubt Trump’s character and who are having trouble seeing him in the Oval Office in January of 2017, this will be one more piece of discriminating evidence.