Ben Carson is such a good man, with a beautiful mind, but boy does he have to learn about politics in 2015. How a campaign works. How you add subscribers to your cause. How you fundraise online in a world dominated by Social Media like Facebook. He’s just not ready to confront the realities of politics here and now. Is he?

So. Maybe he is. Ben Carson and his team are building a base across Social Media – Facebook in fact – and raise funds and slowly engage their growing base – a thousand or so subscribers at a time. Not fair. Not fair at all. We thought Carson was sort of the Rick Santorum of the nomination race, without the political experience Santorum has. Turns out Ben is more the Steve Jobs – ok that’s a bit much it’s true – of the GOP field. Or the Zuckerberg maybe, although that doesn’t have quite the same soaring tone to it.

Perhaps even more than Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson is redefining what a political campaign to be the Republican Nominee for President means. He doesn’t stare into the camera with affected laser-beam focus. He bends his gaze inward and smiles quietly as a firmly lays out his moral or policy stance and explains why and how he has come to it. And his followers respond to his authenticity with it’s faith and it’s lack of political experience – a quickly diminishing lack of political experience – as he shows that his team is perhaps in charge of the most sustainable strategy among all the GOP candidates. Even Trump himself.

Iowa is still a few months away and things change, but Ben Carson’s rise has been as impressive and unpredicted as Donald Trump’s – or Carly Fiorina’s to a somewhat lesser extent. Is Facebook Carson’s secret weapon? Or is it one more tool in an increasingly functional and impressive toolbox? So who’s building the best foundation? Could that be the doctor with the hammer and the focused crew? Even with that billionaire developer and his showy towers over there in Gotham City? It just could be that Ben´s neighborhood home is the one a majority of GOP voters show up to in the end.