Hillary was far more polished during the debate, of that there can be no question. Bernie Sanders kept sticking his finger in his ear – one hopes that was to adjust his ear plug – and occasionally pausing and stumbling on words. But his passion was clear and he was unapologetic about who he is: a classic old school left-winger who really does believe in socialism a la Scandinavia. He clearly has little to do with the identity politics and big money donors/Wall Street coalition that is so 2016 and is what Hillary is relying on. He did not rave about gun control but he did rave about the financial system in America and how he feels the very system itself is perverse.

He had a vocal minority of the crowd cheering him on, although he did garner wider applause in response to some of this comments. So did Hillary clean up and leave the Sander’s miracle in the dust? Maybe we should not rush right to that conclusion quite yet. In the hours after the debate guess who garnered far more followers on Twitter than the rest of the Democratic candidates? The feisty independent from Vermont, of course. In fact, he added more followers than the rest of the field combined, and almost 3 times the amount that Hillary added to her Twitter following.

What does this mean? As Sanders seemed to suggest in some of his attacks on Republicans, he’s gunning for the youth vote, to use a turn of phrase that Bernie would perhaps not mind at all. As it happens, the biggest age demographic on Twitter are 18 to 29 year olds, at 37% with 30 to 49 year olds at 25%. 50 and up are a small slice of the Twitter demographic. So, yes, all those added followers are much more likely to be younger.

Will they vote? Will they get Bernie nominated? How much does Twitter matter in a campaign? Those questions will be answered as the campaign rolls on, but it’s interesting to look beyond the polished beltway crowd’s assessment of who won the debate, and wonder if the older guy really is getting his feisty and radical message across to the young. Bernie just might be doing that. Polls will tell that story in a few days. Remember whose numbers soared after her twitter following surged first, right after the debate? Yes, that would have been Carly Fiorina.