“We have to do SOMETHING.” “SOMETHING has to happen.” “SOMETHING needs to change.” Does it make me a bad person that I don’t say this everything time a group of innocent people are gunned down. Unless you have a brilliant idea of what that is, saying “something” is completely useless. So useless in fact that “something” hasn’t happened since Columbine in 1999.

If “something” was a solution, it would’ve been done by now. These senseless tragedies continue to occur, and it’s devastating, but a solution hasn’t been found because the only input anyone has is “something.” Obama said it himself yesterday.

This is a horrible tragedy…devastating. But when all people can say is that America needs to wake up and something needs to be done, it’s pointless. That’s obvious, but there aren’t any guaranteed solutions, so it’s just kind of annoying hearing “something,” “something,” “something,” when we should just be praying, sending love, or positivity to the victims and the families, whatever is your preferred vibe. The rest is nonsense and somewhat dancing on the graves to make a tragic death about politics.

In addition to “something,” the media’s coverage of school shootings glorifying these evil individuals with 15 minutes of fame is another point that is tirelessly repeated yet continues to happen. A very, very sad truth is the media LOVES these kinds of tragedies because it gives them ratings. The best thing you can do is log off social media, turn off the news, and pray, send love, good vibes, etc.