Is CREDO Mobile the future of business? Fiercely smiling over-educated progressives – with more than a few Stanford Grads and most of them women – beam out from their webpage where they share with the world their mission statement. That’s because CREDO Mobile is really an NGO with a front-office business in mobile telephony. Environmental rainbow-based advocacy and a San Francisco Head Office are all part of their 30-year history of activism. They offer their activist supporters – about 3 million of them – through CREDO Action, basically a PAC – a user-friendly petition platform to promote their causes: no Keystone, gay rights in the military, environmentalism, pacifism, and progressive ideals in general. And now they’re targeting President Reagan.

In a provocative slap in the face to Ohio Republicans and to the GOP in general, they are petitioning to rename Ronald Reagan Airport. The way they phrase the petition is custom-designed to irritate: to atone for his sin of expressing disappointment at the re-naming of Mt. McKinley, Boehner now has a chance to redeem himself, according to CREDO Action. He can be “consistent” about retaining original place names and pass legislation re-naming Reagan National Airport back to Washington National Airport. The gleeful hypocrisy of their oh-so-cute double play on re-naming, (Denali was the original name so there! ha ha ha), feels sophomoric at best. You can imagine them giggling over veggie haute cuisine somewhere near the waterfront as they cooked up some media coverage for their PAC and heck, maybe even garnish a few subscribers.

Or lose a few. California can be a very conservative state depending, in part, on your zip code. And California was Reagan’s home. But Hillary’s campaign is struggling and CREDO Action needs funding to, for example, pressure Democratic candidates – that would be Hillary and Bernie mostly – to not pick a VP who is not firmly for the Iran deal. The list of issues to be targeted by CREDO Action: Arctic Drilling; Standing tall and free with Jorge Ramos; Bashing Chuck Shumer’s Wall Street giveaways (almost worthwhile come to think of it) and much more. The list is ambitious, and a cute little stunt to draw in donors is just the trick they needed apparently. Is CREDO Mobile the future of business? And not just for progressive West Coasters?