Jorge Ramos – the Mexican-American Univision anchor ejected by Trump from a presser – found freedom of expression in America. He says so himself. What drove the young journalist across the border was Mexican government censorship of a news story on an investigative program on Mexican television. He landed, not surprisingly, in Los Angeles and within a few years was anchor of what would become Univsion at the age of 28. That means he was the voice of the Hispanic community in the USA, a large percentage illegal immigrants and from his home country of Mexico. He picked up a Master’s Degree in International Studies at the University of Miami and became a citizen of America in 2008. One would think he would count his blessings, having earned fame, and one imagines at least a certain modest fortune, in his adopted homeland.

The problem is that his beloved freedom of expression only extends so far. Univision depends in no small part on advertising revenue in the US market. It depends in no small part on the continued presence of millions of illegal Hispanic immigrants to provide scale in that market. Univision has been owned by a consortium since 2007. The owners are no longer very Hispanic: Saban Capital Group, TPG Capital, Providence Equity Partners, Madision Dearborn Partners, and Thomas H. Lee Partners. Univision is big business and occasionally outranks the major US networks in terms of ratings.

Safe to say, that all that invested capital (the sale was for 13.7 billion dollars) does not want to see the law applied to the 11 million plus illegal immigrants. And Jorge Ramos arrived at Donald Trump’s press conference to drive that point home. Not to engage in a debate. Ramos was not interested in any answers that Trump might have given him. And Trump seemed willing to answer his question after Ramos jumped the queue, at least for a moment or two before he lost his temper and had the anchorman ejected. And then he brought him back in and Ramos pressed his points again.

What Ramos wants is to impose silence on Trump – just like Black Lives Matter have done at Democratic rallies – rather than exchange viewpoints. That’s because amnesty is a sacred cow. Though shalt not touch it, no mater where the bovine happens to rampage. And the fact that there is a clear economic conflict of interest does not stop Jorge Ramos and his self-righteous quest to silence Trump. And that’s something Trump should have known in advance. Perhaps he does. Likely he did. But losing his temper with Ramos gives Univision just the soundbite they’re looking for. Had Trump instead answered with a Thatcher-like put down, he might have gained advantage from the exchange. He likely has already gained some advantage from the exchange, but he would have exposed Ramos as uninterested in answers and only concerned with hammering home his point that amnesty cannot be touched. Then again, maybe Ramos did that all bey himself. Time will tell.