Why is it when you retreat to a private residence somewhere to consider a run for public office – President of the U.S. in this case – it’s called “spending time in seclusion?” As if you were a convicted felon in the isolation ward? Clearly you and your staff are frantically gathering as much data as possible with emails, msg’s and phone calls filling up most of the hours of your days? Or is Joe Biden in fact meditating, dressed in loose white yoga gear and awaiting divine inspiration to indicate his time has finally come to ruin Hillary’s run, who’s time may never come?

Maybe not. But perhaps the latest Quinnipiac poll – which show him doing as well or better than Hillary in a head-to-head with Trump in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania – will provide some encouraging numbers for him to chew on. Maybe he really is secluded from much of the noise out there. It has not been an easy year personally for the Vice President, and he had better be sure whether he wants to run. But the groundswell of support for a Biden run is growing and the numbers are suggesting those who support his possible candidacy may be on to something.

As a christening of his almost-to-be-announced campaign, he’s received a critical article in the New York Times over his key support for 1994’s Violent Crime and Law Enforcement Act. Those opposed to the so-called mass incarcerations prevailing in America want Biden to make good and say sorry for supporting a bill that is tough on enforcement and prioritizes stiff sentences in the punishment of crime. At least those the NYT bothered to interview, including #Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors. So everyone is waiting, with ebullient poll numbers and sharpened knives. And we haven’t even heard from Hillary’s camp yet. Joe Biden has a lot of Democrats, and others, waiting on his word.