It’s helpful to remember that Watergate started slowly and slowly built momentum, a momentum that eventually ended with Nixon’s resignation. And that the existence of the tapes was not revealed until over a year after the initial burglary attempt on the offices of the Democratic National Committee in the long-famous complex in D.C. It took over 2 years of revelations, resignations, refusals and firings, with Nixon’s political isolation and even paranoia finally bringing the saga to a series of swift events – the Supreme Court ordering Nixon to turn over the tapes and the House Judiciary Committee passing the first of 3 articles of impeachment in late July 74, and then Nixon resigning on August 8, 1974. Nixon was re-elected by a landslide in November of 72 after the FBI – through the Washington Post – revealed that his re-election campaign had involved spying on opponents.

Perhaps it’s the similarities in the rhythm of events that encouraged Bob Woodward to state on camera that Hillary’s emails reminded him of the Nixon tapes and if and when finally released and analyzed in their totality, they would reveal an interesting portrait of the former Secretary of State. “This has to go on a long, long time; the answers are probably not going to be pretty,” he stated summing up Watergate in more ways than one. That means a long road ahead for Trey Gowdy as his persistence earns him the criticisms of Democrats. Surely Nixon thought of Watergate prosecutors as engaging in a witch hunt, and whether one feels Hillary’s actions relating to Benghazi are equivalent to the spying campaign endorsed by Nixon is really beside the point. Procedures that are curious and questionable, and perhaps illegal must bear the uncomfortable light of a thorough investigation. Especially when related to a disastrous foreign policy event in a region of the world that is now falling prey to the worst forms of islamic terrorism the world has witnessed. Things went badly wrong in Libya, and they are going badly wrong elsewhere in the Middle East, and questionable actions by the Secretary of State are from being irrelevant. Time will tell how right Woodward is, and more importantly, what the emails – all of them – reveal.