An insurgency is a rebellion against a constituted authority. A revolt is an attempt to put an end to the authority of a person or a body. Inside the House and the Senate, do we have a conservative revolt? Or is Meadows using procedural theatrics to vent against Boehner without sufficient legislative support among conservative colleagues? And is Cruz merely lashing out at McConnell, rather than negotiating as he should instead be doing? Each of them would surely insist that he was doing battle in the interests of those he was elected to represent. Trade deal authority for the White House and Export-Import Bank non-liquidation might play well in some states like Washington, but not in North Carolina or Texas. And giving way on those two issues in the interest of governing which means getting bills passed, is not at the top of Meadow’s or Cruz’s districts’ priorities. And they likely do mean what they say as far as their voters are concerned.

And in FLA, a poll shows that Jeb and Rubio are behind you-know-who. Is it a populist insurgency? At both ends of the spectrum with Bernie Sanders building momentum in what many thought would be an invisible campaign? You-know-who won’t be at the Koch’s confab and Bernie Sanders debating Hillary would be a sight to see. What to say about Bernie? He had his bar mitzvah when Ike was barely halfway through his first term. He graduated from University of Chicago a year before Dylan went electric and shocked Newport folk fans. That same year he had the good sense to pick up a summer home in Vermont for what was surely a bargain price. And the Brooklyn native has been a Vermont resident since a year before Woodstock. And he wants America to resemble Sweden. The Sweden of the 1970’s one suspects rather than the dour slimmer version currently in place in Stockholm. He has shared climate-change panel discussions with Naomi Klein but despite her American parents she is Canadian like Ted Cruz. So Bernie would not be able to give her the Treasury Secretary job unless she took out her parent’s citizenship. And unless Bernie won the Democratic nomination and unless he then got elected. But oddly enough, in 2015-2016, Sanders or You-Know-Who as President is not as absurdly impossible a scenario as may have been imagined a few years ago. People are mad, and outsiders are in. Washington – whether DC or State – are surely taking notice.