If Carly Fiorina was male, would conservative media pay so much attention? Clearly not, even though her campaign seems to impress those who have had direct contact with the ex-tech leader. Her campaign manager, Frank Sadler, promoted her in the Washington Examiner as:

an articulate, fearless conservative woman who terrifies the Clinton camp and won’t let the liberal media put her in a box
That might be a touch overdone, in terms of the Clinton camp: Fiorina is running 11th in the GOP field and the likelihood of her taking on Hillary as the GOP candidate is about the same as the probability that HP will start giving away ink for free. So should everyone just ignore her until she battles her way into say the top 6 or even top 8 contenders? Maybe not. Battle she will have to, but could it be that some GOP candidates are already thinking of her as a potential Vice President? She is pro-life and a successful, if controversial, business leader. She really really seems to want to get her toe, and why not the rest of herself, into a political office that has the weight to match her ambition. She is not a re-run and she seems to be full of the energy and focus needed to get anywhere in such a crowded field.

The question is can she sustain her campaign and climb high enough in the polls to get into the debates coming up in a month or two? And how do you do that with Trump sucking up airtime with his hard-wired ability to offend, provoke, and hit sensitive topics dead on? Carly Fiorina needs to say something noticeable. She needs an issue that she can leverage to get into the debates. Terrifying Hillary may be that issue, but likely is not. If anyone terrifies Hillary it is Liz Warren, and not Carly Fiorina. Carly is one of the boys in this crowded field and needs to throw a few elbows and raise a little ruckus just like she did at HP. She has the temper to do so, and should not hesitate. She just needs the moment, and the topic. Let’s see how good a scrapper she really is.