The sad state of our country took another leap to la-la-land with the backlash following Donald Trump’s remarks about illegal immigration from the Mexican border…notice I said “illegal immigration from the Mexican border,” not “Mexicans.” Our entire country in lost in translation here. His delivery can be received as insensitive, however the context of his opinion and remarks come from facts. And facts and truth are our social society’s biggest nightmare. This just goes to show, once again, you can’t have an opinion without having some sort of hateful label stamped on your forehead. So now Donald Trump is a bigot.

I believe Trump began this topic in reference to the 165,000 illegal immigrants have committed crimes and were released in the United States rather than deported. According to the number from the Department of Homeland Security, deportation has decreased 58% from 2009 to 2014. According to the CBP, in 2014 there were just under 21,000 border patrol agents in the US. Just over 18,156 of them were on the Southwest Border Sector.

Donald Trump did not ever say “Mexicans are rapists.” He said the illegal immigration coming over the Mexican border is bringing too much crime into the country such as drugs, and rapists. The numbers in that Border Patrol staff document from the CBP are more than proof of the truth of the criminal activity Trump is referring to. The truth hurts, and we can’t handle the truth. We’re telling a sad story here these days.

Trump is an international business man. His corporation employs 20,000 people. You think all of his employees are white? Get a grip, America.