The Extinction of Opinion


Filed Under Humor on Jun 15 

Jerry Seinfeld recently said he stays away from playing at colleges because the younger generation is too “conservative.” Not politically speaking, but as in they are too sensitive and politically correct. Basically, they can’t take joke, or receive a statement or “opinion” without jumping to conclusions and slapping a label on someone.

You can’t have an opinion anymore. Your statements definitely make you a “racist,” “sexist,” “homophobe,” “misogynist,” “androgynist,” “prejudice,” and labels go on. What happened to having an opinion. You can’t say anything anymore and it’s incredibly disappointing. What is going to happen in these coming years, that people no longer listen to someone’s opinion and actually hear what they have to say. “I respect your opinion, but I disagree,” isn’t part of their dialogue.

If you disagree with immigration policy for “Dreamers” you’re a “racist.” You’re not an American with a vote and an opinion.