Ruth Marcus – the long time commentator at the Washington Post – graduated from Harvard Law in 1984 and her husband Jon Leibowitz – a policy wonk if there ever was one – graduated from New York University School of Law the same year. Carly Fiorina dropped out of UCLA Law School in the 70’s. So there. Ruth Marcus has been a journalist all her professional life. Carly Fiorina has had an enormously successful and enormously controversial career in business with her tenure-ship at HP already a case study; as much for the wrong as for the right reasons. So there. Ruth is offended by Carly’s candidacy as the former tech executive lacks political experience and skills. Ruth’s husband has worked deep in the bowels of the beltway – especially in the areas of digital regulation and consumer protection. Carly has offended many of her former employees by shaking up HP’s nurturing culture and firing lots of workers and managers. So there. Whether Fiorina was a tough minded visionary or a blundering hatchet woman, or some combination of the two, is still not quite clear. So there.

Unfortunately, one has to pause and remember there is another actor involved, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Whose life could be characterized as having lots of frustrated political ambition. Frustrated because, like Fiorina, the execution never lived up to the ambition. But there is a difference between the two beyond those of the business world and the political world that Hillary entered on the arm of her husband. Fiorina is dying to get out there and defend what she did in the public eye and have people hear her and judge her – over and over again. Hillary wants people to applaud and then leave her alone. And Fiorina is determined to enter the political world, so determined she’s going for the top job. She has true grit you could say. Hillary at times seems like someone who wants to retire into the top job, because she’s put in the years and is due the office.

At times one wonders if the GOP’s understandable attacks on Hillary’s record at State, for example, keep a tired and grumpy candidate alive and still walking. Like a zombie. Or a golem, in the sense of an unfinished human being before God’s eyes. Because we still don’t really know who Hillary is. Carly, on the other hand, is desperate for voters to get to know her and seems more than willing to argue and scrap her way through a singularly competitive filed of GOP candidates. Hillary has trouble putting in public time in a field of one. At some point, it is more than likely that Carly will have to throw in the towel, at least as far as this campaign is concerned. What will Hillary do when she can barely face the press, or anyone else for that matter, anymore?