Is Judicial Watch’s report that ISIS is on the ground south of the US-Mexican border and actively sending terrorists into the USA accurate? It appears to be based on two confidential sources, both Mexican. One is a Mexican Army field grade officer, and the other is a Mexican Federal Police Inspector. The area involved is near El Paso, and in the Juarez cartel’s territory. Given the nature of the sources, it would be difficult at best to able to state definitively that the information that cartel coyotes are helping to move ISIS terrorists across the border and that possible areas of interest run from universities to government facilities, to electrical power stations, to even the White Sands missile facilities, is accurate.

But the question isn’t to what exact degree is the information accurate. The question is how much of a handle do military, border, and other law enforcement agencies, in conjunction with national intelligence agencies, have on this possible threat? Because when you combine this news with the arrest of two Army reservists in Southern California – detained for selling weapons to an agent posing as a drug cartel member – you have a deeply troubling situation. In Mexico, drug cartels don’t fight for control of the trade, they fight for control of whole states, like Guerrero or Chihuahua. In large swaths of territory trying to determine where the cartel ends and where the state government begins is impossible. And the Mexican military and police are square in the middle of this holy mess. But Mexico signed NAFTA and has been a member of the OECD since they joined NAFTA. So you can’t call Mexico a failed state or a narco-state because we don’t have those as members of the OECD do we? And if and when a terrorist attack occurs within America and is traced back to ISIS terrorists who infiltrated the nation through the southern border, it won’t be possible to say that the US has a little Syria in it’s backyard will it? Because those kind of analogies only apply to failed states collapsing under the weight of drugs and terror.